I’m Never Going Back : Grad School Series ( Part I)

Getting a college education was always something that was expected of me. I remember time spent on St. Louis University’s campus and meeting the staff of the Biology Department where my mom was working on her graduate degree. Some days, I completed worksheets while my mom strapped my baby brother to her in the baby carrier and placed test tubes inside the centrifuge.

It’s no wonder I chose St. Louis University as my destination for undergrad. However, once I graduated, I felt I had met those expectations. I had graduated AND “decided I was finished”. Unless Jesus himself was coming back down to Earth to tell me so , I was set on never going back to school again.

However, life has a funny way of happening. So, in the Fall of 2018 , I started researching graduate programs quietly. In the end, only one program made sense for me. I attended the informationals and contacted several individuals connected to the program. I gathered a great team of support for recommendations and started the process to apply to one school and one school only, Northwestern University. It was close enough that I didn’t have to uproot my family and it provided the in-person class structure that I found necessary for my learning. I completed the application with some amazing support from friends, family , and mentors. I submitted my application and went through the interview process. Rare for me, I didn’t overthink it.

Fast forward to April 19, 2019, Good Friday. I am 4 months pregnant and searching for a beauty store coupon in my e-mail when I notice the message in my inbox ” Welcome to the MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises Program” . Wait, what! The fact that I received this message on Good Friday after my little convo with Jesus almost 20 years prior was not lost on me. I called my mom, cried, and continued my trek for hair care products slightly in a daze. A decision had to be made. I already knew I would accept the offer, but which option: Fall 2019 or Winter of 2020. Fall orientation would start two weeks after I was expected to give birth. Grad school with a new baby?

. Have you ever done something that you pretty much said you would never do again? How’d it turn out? Drop me a comment below!

I would love to hear from you!

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