The Birth of A New Year

” We’re overwhelmed because we don’t know where to start and afraid because we don’t know how long it will take.”

This quote  overheard on a podcast seemed to sum up everything I was feeling  within 20 words. The list of overwhelming things range from laundry to career to weight loss to entrepreneurship.When it comes to laundry, where do I start in the humongous pile? Should I take a class, start writing that web-series or send out a nifty picture postcard to further my career?  Cardio, weigh-lifting, calorie-counting or low-carb for the best weight-loss solution?  Do I get a business license, create designs, or secure a website first before diving into entrepreneurship?

Then, how long will it take before I can get the results I want, results I can be proud of. Laundry is a finite task , but career, weight loss, and entrepreneurship are very much life-long journeys. How long will it take to be successful? Weeks, Months, Years, Forever?

As I cross the threshold and head into a new year, in some ways, I felt like I accomplished more in 2015 and suffered less.  Just as I felt like I was getting back to myself, 2016 came with some heavy hitters that I was not prepared to go to bat with. I suffered some in 2016 and I let the pain of life change who I was and not for the better. I was vengeful, bitter and full of resentment. And yet, but for the grace of God, here I am . I am not as afraid now as I was heading into 2016. The struggles of 2016 have given me a new perspective. If I can survive that year, then what have I got to lose? What can’t I make it through?

I know that change always starts within and so there are some inner workings that must be re-done and re-wired and even  uprooted from the very core of me. What new story do I tell myself everyday that gives me permission to have and do all of the things that are etched in my heart and soul?I’m writing it as we speak. I have no idea how long any of this will take, but I know that not starting at all will always leave me behind, afraid and wishing I had gone for it.

As we watch one year exit, we blow out the candles and birth in a new one. May the light of love always be shining brightly upon your face even in the darkest hour. May you stand on the shoulders of your previous successes ,pridefully .May you recognize the valleys of failure , humbly . May those in this realm and the next push you past fear and encourage you to take that next step.








Are you overwhelmed heading into the new year? What’s the first step you’re taking towards your dreams?  Are you fired up for the new year? What started that fire?  Share below!

I would love to hear from you!

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