Before and After : Second Best Day of my Life

So, I briefly searched quotes to coincide with this post, but it seems like second best understandably isn’t the most desired position. For me, however, being second best was one of the best days of my life!

I was sitting in the waiting area of a local chain when I got the phone call of a lifetime.
“Candice, I need you to re-submit your information, ***** can’t do the fellowship!”

I was a high school theatre teacher at the time and I had applied for a fellowship called Teaching Shakespeare through Performance. This program was fully funded by the English Speaking Union .The chosen honoree would get to spend 3 weeks learning how to teach Shakespeare at the World -Renowned Globe Theatre in London. This was an opportunity of a lifetime. I had applied for the past two years with no success.  At that point , I was pretty close to the end of my rope. I was doubting myself as a teacher ;wondering if I even had the resources necessary to continue teaching a subject where I was still very much a novice.

I’m one of those people that hopes until the last minute. It ain’t over til it’s really over. Even if it’s stinking dead, I hold on to the fact that it can just maaaaybe be resurrected.

When I received a ‘no’ the previous year, I didn’t let go until the plane had landed, in London…without me. I know, I should have let go sooner.

The second rejection was equally as devastating, but I let it go.  I just thought it wasn’t in the cards for me and so I moved on with life as usual. I was disappointed, but what more could I do.

Trust me, I’m still learning the lesson of giving my best and then letting it go.  I’m still very much an actor and sometimes it can be one rejection after another. When you invest so much into something , you want your efforts to be rewarded with success. This isn’t just true for auditions, it’s the same for interviews, relationships and anything in life you feel like you’ve worked so hard for.

Inhale with me and on the exhale, let it all out and then fahgetaboutit, let it go! Nothing may come of it ever or…it just might be the second best day of your life.

globe up
After performing on the Globe stage!

everyone globe
The group of awesome teachers TSTP 2011!

Have you ever been turned down for something initially to be rewarded with it later? Please share below!

I would love to hear from you!

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