Suffocated Grace

A few weeks ago , I went home to East St. Louis for a week. It was such a necessary and refreshing trip. I was gathering my thoughts to blog about it upon returning to Chicago  when the news of the Charleston 9 hit. It was as if any thoughts of the joy and refreshment I experienced at home were wiped clean. How could I speak about “home” for me when for those 9 and those that love them, home would NEVER be the same.

How could I leave room for grace when my anger consumed all of my heart space?How could this happen?

I admit that most times I really try to see the bright side of things, but this incident was so clouded with gloom that it strangled any inch of light that tried to seep through the cracks. Why would this happen?


Just when I think I can hit publish on this  blog post, ANOTHER incident happens! I got nothing right now. Perhaps I’ll find something to say at a later date that will be uplifting, inspiring even, but as of right now I feel that grace has left the building and made room for  rage, sorrow and confusion…