Life Lessons via Blackberry

Happy New Year ( is February too late to say that?) ! I hope this New Year continues to go well for you. It’s the beginning of the year so I hope you’re still fresh with great expectations.I pray that those expectations last until December 31st, and not just two weeks from now ( preaching to myself mostly) . The end of my year wasn’t anything too fancy. I did a quick toast surrounded by the ones I love in the coziness of my sauna, steam room, overheated  apartment. The strangest thing happened on the eve of the New Year. I got locked out of my Blackberry! Yes, I am still team #blackberry, don’t judge.

I used the same password to unlock my blackberry as I always do. 


I matched the little number up with the picture, once. The next thing I know the screen informed me I’d  made 5/10 attempts at putting in the wrong password. Wait a minute, what?


I continued to put in the password I KNEW ( without a shadow of a doubt) was correct and nothing changed. I started searching  Blackberry forums for answers . Some said hook it up to the computer and then put in your password, put in the letter equivalent to your password, throw some holy water on it, turn around three times do the bankhead bounce  and then put in the PW…NONE of these options worked 😐 I contacted my carrier and they basically said everything would be swiped off my phone including my old password so at least I could start over…wait a minute , what?

Keep in mind I could not make any phone calls, texts, or emails from my phone for about a week.  If I happened to catch a call coming in I could answer it , but other than that  NADA!

At 8/10 attempts  and a now red screen, I decided you know what, maybe I was supposed to leave some things behind in 2014 . I got REAL spiritual. GOD locked my phone so I could be #delivert in 2015. I was prepared to lose everything. At least I had my pictures on my SD card, anything else , I was ready to leave behind. I put in my password the 9th time, nothing. The 10th time I put in the same password, closed my eyes expecting to lose all my recipes, what’s app convos and prized memes … and then my phone UNLOCKED!


Sometimes you exhaust all possibilities and lose it all, but sometimes giving it your very last may be the key that  UNLOCKS your dreams!

Have you ever risked losing everything only for it to pay off in the in?

P.S. That Blackberry has gone on to glory in the past week. It survived being run over by a truck and numerous drops, but that last one did her in. R.I.P. Q

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