Love at the Library

April is the month of my dear husband’s birthday ( today is the actual day!) so I figured I’d share a bit of our love story with you. Today’s post is about how we met…

It was April of 2008 .I had recently returned from a trip to see the phenomenal Broadway show  , Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  directed by Debbie Allen. I grabbed some books from the STL public library and was ready to check out. Two gentlemen were behind the counter when I arrived. I thought one of them was cute. He had a low haircut, broad shoulders and a nice smile. The only thing I noticed about the other guy was that he had this kind of Albert Einstein weeping willow type hairstyle.


I remember thinking to myself, “The one guy is really cute, but watch it be the other one that approaches me.” Like clockwork AE approached me with a broad smile and I chuckled to myself.

We chatted it up a bit and then the details become a little fuzzy for me. All I remember is I asked him a question to which he replied, ” It’s a long story.” Since he said it was a long story I figured it was a long story that he didn’t want to get into and so I left rather abruptly. When I got out the door, I thought how silly I was to leave so quickly. Maybe Einstein  had actually wanted to get into the long story. I wanted to ask him about it the next time I saw him, but I didn’t run into him again until August…

Ever judged a book by its cover and it turned out to be a world of adventure?

3 thoughts on “Love at the Library

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