Love at the Library: Part IV

This is the final post in the series Love at the Library dedicated to the hubster. You can check out Parts I, II, and III.

Saturday, September 20, 2008.

Most people may remember what they wore on the first date, what they ate, and that exact moment that butterflies hit. I remember none of those things. I don’t even remember if he told me where we were going until we were close. It was a “country”  chain establishment that he had fond memories of as a child. I, now have a similar fondness for the place.

To be honest, I was a little nervous.  Eventually, I got settled and we breezed through breakfast with conversation and giggles. Target was our next step after breakfast. We went shopping for pillows.  Believe it or not pillow shopping was a part of the plan. Normally on Saturdays I had two performances and I  usually napped in between. Ade offered his pad as an option and I obliged on the condition that we went pillow shopping first. We played through the aisles and may or may not have grabbed some of the balls from the rack and bounced them through the store.  SInce the performance was at a different venue, I no longer had the double dose of performances, which left me time to sniggle before the evening performance.  As much as I tried to nap, it was impossible. I was floating. I had not jumped to any conclusions. I hadn’t started planning a wedding after the first date. I just simply enjoyed the company of a kind soul. I left for the theatre with plans made for Ade to attend the Sunday performance.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This was the final closing for the show, Sarafina!. I scooped Ade up on the way to the theatre with my good friend who was also a part of the show. I asked him to sit as far back from the stage as possible. I thought if I caught a glimpse of him in the audience it would throw me off my game. Besides this was technically our second date and it had been ages since I had invited a “date” to a performance.  He gave kind words after the curtain and I suggested we get ice cream.  My rule of thumb with friends was usually if I suggested a place, that I would pay for it. Ade was having none of that. There was no way he was letting me pay for ice cream. He wasn’t concerned about my “rules”. I smiled to myself. Someone comes along, shines a light and makes you realize that the things you’ve been accepting have been subpar.  After ice cream, we caught   a movie and the rest they say is herstory….

3 thoughts on “Love at the Library: Part IV

  1. Trying this for the 100th time..

    The “Love in the Library” series has brought me great joy. It inspires me to wait on true love and love with everything I have!! You guys are an amazing couple and I love you both..#nooniebugtoo


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