Plates Falling




I know I don’t say it much, but I’m proud of you friend. A new city and new friends had me actin’ brand new. We always stayed in touch , but sometimes didn’t quite connect. I got so caught up in my own whirlwind that I forgot to congratulate you on all the twirls in your own world.  You are doing it, honey.  I see you spinning all those plates in the air. Plates named daughter, student, soul mate, best cousin, mentor , gal pal, instructor, artist, writer, wheew.  You in that thang , babygirl.  Going after that Ph.D. sometimes feels like Please help.Deliverme. Don’t worry , I know. As much as you look fabulous doing it all, I know that at some point each one of those plates has a way of falling to the ground and breaking.  But you don’t let it break you. Pick up the pieces, sweep it under the rug  and keep it moving.  Sip on that sweet tea, help baby boy with his vocab, read them 300 pages..tonight.Make some time for quiet, listen to that album, write that song/poem/pilot , blow a kiss decorated with polka dots and don’t stop…until you get enough that is.

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