Anniversary of Grace


 Grace has allowed me so many opportunities.

All things considered, blogging has been very much a personal journal allowing the world to be a fly on the wall to my memories, failures and future hopes. In essence , I’m writing to myself with the hopes that my truth can somehow bring light to others. Blogging through grief has been very much a part of my celebration and mourning of a life I so deeply cherish. Writing on my mother allowed me to make plain both the joys and fears  inherited. Sharing my first moments of motherhood spoke of the exhaustion and exhilaration of bringing new life into this world.


Interestingly enough, on the anniversary of my first post, I find myself in need of my own medicine, a dose of my own encouragement. Today I find myself extremely happy and yet so filled with fear . Fear has given itself a re-occuring role in my reality and spilled over quite literally into my dreams. So today, I find myself reflecting on the very post  that started it all. I look back on the words that one woman wrote as a charge to the world. She was consumed by fear of judgement and not meeting her own expectations.   She wrote, “May we put one foot in front of the other and march forward into our destinies, our purposes, our calls and then…leavealilroomforgrace.”


On the anniversary of grace, I am reminded that I am that woman.  jeanineL28kb



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