101 Goals in 1001+Days


This year didn’t start off like I thought it would. I found January to be a very happy and yet very lazy month for me. I turned “that” age in December, you know the one where there are no longer any calendar days to support your age..It’s like something clicked and said , ” It’s REALLY time to grow up, Candice” or ” Get your life together, like really  this time” and yet I find myself unable to seemingly do this adulting thing like I think I should be doing it. I stumbled upon a template for  101 goals in 1001 days in an old journal and I figured there was no time like the present to get it going. I’ve been working on this list for a couple weeks and I’ve already started to cross off a few things already so there might just be something to this whole thing.  I used categories such as: mom, wife, diy, travel, career, sister, fitness, “just for fun” to help me compose my list. It’s also the start of the Chinese New Year, so I figured I’d stop monkeying around and get to it ( see there what I did there)

Start Date: February 8, 2016

Completion Date: November 5, 2018


  1.  I lead a faith-based small group.
  2.  I attend 3 faith-based workshops.
  3. I join a church we love as a family.
  4. I spend 10 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time with God for 8 days straight.
  5. I give 10% of my income.
  6. I read all of the letters written by Paul.
  7. I read 45 books/plays.
  8. I complete a crossword puzzle/lumosity 3 times/week.
  9. I take an online course in something new.
  10. I do at least a 30-second plank everyday for 30 days.
  11. I run 5 5Ks; such as the Hot Chocolate Run and Color Run.
  12. I reach pre-baby/wedding weight.
  13. I reach my ultimate goal weight.
  14. I exercise before noon on M, W, F, and Saturday.
  15. I won a car.
  16. I run a 10K.
  17. I dance with Baby A 4 times a week.
  18. I spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted play time/reading time with Baby A 4X a week.
  19. I write 33 letters to Baby A in his journal.
  20. Place 100 index cards around the house for vocabulary for Baby A.
  21. I enroll Baby A in swim classes.
  22. Enroll Baby A in daycare/ Montessori school nearby where he is safe, supported, loved and pushed to learn and grow.
  23. I gift pampering service for moms, mil, stepmom, and grandmas.
  24. Send flowers to CJ, MO,GD, OJ, GB DG.
  25. Hubby… top secret
  26. Hubby
  27. Hubby
  28. Hubby
  29. Hubby
  30. Hubby
  31. Hubby
  32. I travel to Nigeria.
  33. I travel to Kenya and stay at Giraffe Manor.
  34. I travel to South Africa and visit Soweto and Cape Town.
  35. I travel to the Gullah Islands in South Carolina
  36. I travel to LA and hike.
  37. I travel to Costa Rica.
  38. I take a road trip with the family.
  39. I DIY 2 pairs of heels with glitter.
  40. I KonMari method the entire apt.
  41. I purchase new home fragrances/candles 1/month.
  42. I purchase fresh flowers 1/month.
  43. I am debt free.
  44. I have xx,xxx in savings.
  45. I purchase a car cash.
  46. I volunteer at a Soup Kitchen 7x.
  47. I read to the kids at the bookstore on Saturday 7X.
  48. I send JB gifts to 10 friends.
  49. I cook 21 new recipes.
  50. I purchase Stiletto Dance 5 class pass.
  51. I will have coffee/lunch with a girlfriend  1/month.
  52. I own a home.
  53. I zipline.
  54. I see a sunrise/sunset.
  55. I have a successful garden with tomatoes, habanero peppers, onions, cabbage, okra, eggplant, jalapeno peppers, purple tomatillos and spinach.
  56. I  get pampering services at least 1/season.
  57. I am paid to travel somewhere beautiful and warm for work with my family.
  58. I get my hair groomed professionally at least 1/season.
  59. I get new cool business cards.
  60. I  attend 2 blogging conferences.
  61. I am a paid speaker at a blogging conference
  62. I  complete commercial acting training
  63. I proofread and edit previous blog posts and save them to a hard drive
  64. I attend 2 ABFF events
  65. I create and adhere to a blog schedule
  66. I work professionally with 3 brands I love
  67. I train to be a life-coach
  68. I start a business
  69. I create an annual book scholarship for students in East St. Louis in the arts
  70. I write and publish 3 children’s books
  71. I successfully complete a blogging challenge
  72. I have dinner with my brothers 5x
  73. I pay for someone else’s meal 10x
  74. I book a national commercial campaign for a product/company I love
  75. I build a voiceover studio
  76. I complete voiceover coaching
  77. I am a SAG member with consistent work
  78. I purchase a home for my mom
  79. I attend 50 plays
  80. I complete my play
  81. I write and direct a short film with hubby
  82. I cut off 9 inches of my hair
  83. I host 10 events in my home: breakfast/ lunch / game night
  84. I attend a Frankie Beverly and Maze concert with hubby.
  85. I get the couch re-upholstered
  86. I save 15% of my income
  87. I am a pescatarian for a week
  88. I am a vegetarian for a week
  89. I am a vegan for a week
  90. I own a tailored navy business suit
  91. I replace my 15 year old bookbag.
  92. I join and complete an online fitness challenge
  93. I pay for a stranger’s meal 10x.
  94. I complete a business course.
  95. I complete a home buying course.
  96. I am on Hollywood Game Night
  97. I do Sunday yoga 33x.
  98. I ride to a terminal stop on the train and explore
  99. I spend the night with WJ and OJ 10x.
  100. I visit and stay with AR in Mississippi
  101. I trace my ancestry





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