The 5 Kinds of Friends You Need


I have been blessed to have REALLY good friends. In terms of currency, they are worth their weight in gold. The number is not large, but it’s enough for me to manage and keep quality relationships. I pray that you are truly blessed with great friends. These are the 5 that make living this life easier.




1. Friends that Pay for You

Ever gone out for a meal or shopping  with a friend and pull out your card to pay for your purchase only to realize that you friend has paid for it already?! These friends are ninja-quick with the payment method. They are eager to treat you to a refreshing lunch or a mani/pedi , a massage, or even surprise tickets to a Beyonce concert! It’s ok to let yourself be taken care of in the moment. Pitch in the tip and on the next one, you’ve got their back!

2. Friends that Party with You

There’s a quote I love that says, ” Go where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated”. This friend is your biggest cheerleader. They are there at graduations , plays, speeches, showers, weddings, you catch my drift. They are always ready to genuinely celebrate not only your accomplishments, but simply you being you. Sometimes it’s in person, a facebook post or text,  or even by way of a random note in the mail. They keep the confetti coming!people-1230872_1280

3. Friends that Push You

These are the friends that get in your face and tell you just how wonderful you are and just how much of that wonderful potential you’re wasting. They will call you out on not-going after your dreams, staying in a dead-end relationship or continuing to do a job that you constantly complain makes you miserable. They remind you that you can continue to complain about your issues or change your issues, but you can’t do both! They hold you accountable for the life you say you want to lead.

4.Friends that Protect You

There are some deep secrets that we all possess. Sometimes it’s as trivial as that time you threw a party while your parents were out of town. Other times it’s something more serious, like the possibility of a life threatening disease that you just aren’t comfortable revealing to everyone while you’re in the state of the unknown. Great friends respect that and protect the info you confide in them. They listen with no judgement and keep your secret locked in a safe until the date you’re ready to reveal it ,which just might be never.


5. Friends that Pray for You

I have friends that I can send a mass text to asking them to pray for me,  my family, or WHATEVER and they will summon the heavens on my behalf. I also have friends that are D.E.A.P. , Drop Everything And Pray kind of people. They don’t just say I’ll be praying for you on * insert issue here* . They will stop in that moment and pray. It could be in the middle of our phone conversation, or an immediate text reply with a carefully transcribed prayer you can frequently reference. I even have a friend who left a prayer on my voicemail. Missing her call that day is one of my biggest blessings because I can always replay her voice speaking life over me.  Friends that pray are so vital because they submit you and your issues to a “rock” higher than yourself.



Do you have any or all of these friends on your team? Also, what kind of friend are you? I’d love to hear about it in your comments below!






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