Today I decided…

to take a walk outside and not focus on the calories burned, but the time spent in the sunshine

to not complain about the heat, because in about 3 months the cold will return

to glance in the eyes of my son more than the glare of the computer

to work on me more than I work on my “job”

to live in this moment , in this season, because as much as I prayed for this season to change, I never get to return to this exact moment that I live in right now

to not take myself so seriously

to not be afraid of crossing the first goal off my list because I know if one can happen, then surely all 10 can

to rejoice and celebrate with others, because their success is worthy of fireworks

to stop focusing on the lack of generosity in others and seek more ways I can give

to not do so much, but instead…be

lauryn hill

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