As A Father Loves His Child (ren)

I guess there were always hints that he would be a great father. I saw the way he bonded with my baby brother over movies and legos. He frequently spoke of inspirational talks from his own father and how after any of those talks he would feel like he could take over the world.  Even those hints were just an inkling of the reality I see every day as my husband aces the role of father to our son.

While I was too exhausted to cry , my husband’s eyes flooded with tears after the arrival of  Lil’ A. I wish I could have captured that look in his eyes. Lucky for me I had seen it before, that “in love” look.He is so very selfless when it comes to loving this boy.


For our family of three’s first Christmas , my mom bought my husband a gift card to buy something nice for himself.  I was excited for him, hoping he would purchase a couple shirts or some shoes, perhaps. Nope,Daddy thought that money would be much better spent on some tiny corduroys and other miniature items for Lil’ A.

LA’s  first words were Baba and Dada, both meaning father.  I want to be jealous, but I can’t. Big A is a great parent deserving of those honorary first words . He is completely proactive and aggressive in his love. Daddy has discovered some of LA’s favorite videos on youtube and  enjoys them more   just as much.  I’ve watched him in amusement encourage our little joy as early on as tummy time. When LA fussed about the uncomfortable exercise, it was Dad at eye level chanting “You can do it, you can do it!” and do it he did. After Dad’s long day at work, LA greets him with shrieks of excitement as if they’re  long lost friends reuniting for the first time in 10 years.! Seeing those two together is always one of the sweetest parts of my day.

Today I salute the most diaper-changing,  blackberry-oatmeal stirring, pump-part-sterilizing, funny-sound making, encouraging, Daeddy we know!


One of their favorites!

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